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Details of the much-anticipated Beijing Global Resort area, expected to open in 2021

Date: 2020-01-27

Looking back on 2019, the construction and preparations for the Beijing Global Resort are progressing smoothly, with many achievements in engineering construction, talent recruitment, technological innovation, and infrastructure construction. This year, Beijing Global Resort officially announced to the public the seven themed scenic spots to be settled in China, and is committed to creating a new and outstanding all-round immersive theme resort for Chinese and global tourists.

Looking forward to 2020, the highly anticipated Beijing Global Resort will fully sprint, complete the construction work, and make full preparations for the grand opening of the park in 2021 to meet the needs of Chinese consumers in the new era from "beautiful scenery" to "better life" Consumer demand for cultural tourism brings a refreshing entertainment and holiday experience to tourists around the world.

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Aerial view of construction site of Beijing Global Resort

The main structure of the project is completed, and the world's most popular holiday destinations are rising.

The construction of Beijing Global Resort is progressing in an orderly manner, and the fruits have been achieved. At present, the overall construction progress of the resort is basically over half, and the main structure has been completed. Part of the theme park has fully entered the installation phase of riding equipment. The Universal Studios Hotel, Nuojin Resort Hotel-Beijing Universal Resort, Beijing Universal City Avenue and parking buildings have all been successfully capped.

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The main structure of Beijing Global Resort has been completed

The project widely applies technological innovations in construction and construction, such as using BIM technology (Building Information Modeling) in parking buildings, creating digital engineering construction from design to construction, and saving tens of millions of construction costs for parking buildings. Green construction and green construction sites are also a major highlight in the construction of the Beijing Global Resort. Among them, the park's dust management has achieved remarkable results. Through various measures, the park has greatly reduced floating dust and dust during construction. So far, the park has invested nearly RMB 400 million in dust control funds.

Beijing Global Resort is planned to complete all construction work in 2020.

Recruitment and training are being promoted closely, and “employees first” creates dream employers

环球 Beijing Global Resort has fully launched personnel recruitment and training. The official recruitment website was officially launched in May 2019, and about 14,000 jobs will be created during the first phase of operation. Beijing Global Resort has established partnerships with ten domestic schools, covering entertainment performing arts, safety and security, hotel management, cultural tourism and other categories to help recruit and cultivate talents in the resort, while promoting the talent reserve and promotion of the cultural tourism industry . Looking forward to 2020, Beijing Global Resort will focus on recruiting resorts, park operations, engineering, marketing, and other professional positions and front-line service personnel, and customize a systematic and professional training plan for employees to complete a comprehensive phase one operation. Talent preparation.

Beijing Global Resort regards "people first" as the core concept of corporate culture, and is committed to building the company into a "dream employer". In addition to helping employees plan career development through various training programs at work, the park also fully considers employees in life. At present, 14 staff apartment buildings in Beijing Global Resort District have been structurally capped. In the future, more than 9,000 employees will be provided with modern independent rooms and living facilities, including laundry rooms, cafes, canteens, and express delivery rooms. And a large gym with full facilities.

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环球 Beijing Universal Resort staff apartment will provide modern independent rooms and living facilities for more than 9,000 employees

游客 Explore scientific and technological innovation with the tourist experience as the core to create a future intelligent resort

In 2019, Beijing Global Resorts announced a strategic cooperation with Alibaba Group. With the help of Alibaba's intelligent technology, cloud solutions and digital platforms, Beijing Global Resort will bring tourists multiple scenes of online and offline integration services, widely apply face recognition technology, and build a future intelligent park. The results of this cooperation can not only greatly enhance the tourists' experience in all aspects of the park, but also help promote the digital innovation of theme parks and resorts.

In addition, Beijing Global Resort is continuously exploring the application of technological innovation in different scenarios. For example, in order to meet the various needs of the park's daily operations, including carrying a large number of tourists, Beijing Global Resort has specially designed and developed a flexible and expandable IT management system for the Chinese market; as one of the 5G infrastructure pilot platforms, Beijing Global Resort will also achieve full coverage of 5G networks. In 2020, Beijing Global Resort will fully complete the infrastructure construction and prepare for the implementation of various digital systems before the opening of the park.

新 New places for leisure and entertainment, new economic momentum for location

Beijing Global Resort will not only create a world-renowned resort destination for Chinese tourists, but also bring a new place for leisure and entertainment for Beijing residents and residents of Tongzhou, enrich urban life and drive the economic development of the location.

环球 Beijing Global City Avenue, Beijing Global Resort District, as a comprehensive commercial complex, will include facilities such as multi-functional cinemas, Chinese and foreign gourmet restaurants and brand retail shops, so that tourists and residents of Tongzhou can enjoy a vibrant and unique entertainment experience. At present, Beijing Global Resort has basically established cooperation intentions with 14 settled merchants on Beijing Global City Avenue. The formal signing of agreements and preparations for merchants' settlement will be completed in 2020. In addition to 10 global self-operated brands, 24 shops will officially appear on the Global City Avenue in Beijing when the park is opened.

In addition, the Beijing Global Resort will create public areas and landscape water systems with high greening standards, bring about harmonious livable, recreational and hydrophilic places and green destinations, so that citizens and tourists can enjoy pleasing natural scenery while playing. With the completion of high-speed hubs and subway lines, it will also provide convenient travel options for visitors and surrounding residents.


Landscape water system of Beijing Global Resort (effect picture)

Mr. Tom Mehrmann, President and General Manager of Beijing Global Resort, said: "Beijing Global Resort is committed to becoming the world's leading theme park and resort destination, bringing a wonderful and immersive experience to Chinese and global tourists. .2019 is an exciting, outstanding and fast-growing year, and we look forward to bringing more exciting and exciting news to you in 2020. "