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Beijing: the north wind The temperature to stabilize

Date: 2018-02-13

According to the latest weather data analysis, first the weather of Beijing is given priority to with sunny to cloudy, today the north wind gradually retreated, temperature yesterday rebounded, plains reached the highest temperature 5 ℃ or so, but also rose to 8 ℃ by tomorrow.
After the temperature stable, although I have a weak cold air activity, but will not make the temperature volatility, and air pollution diffusion in the Beijing area condition overall is good, the visibility and air quality are also good, is advantageous to the first Spring Festival transportation.
As temperatures rise, the spring footsteps getting closer, the weather gets warmer and the temperature difference between day and night, night and day are significantly different, warm warm still is the theme of the future for a period of time, don't reduce clothes, beware of catch cold catch a cold.
Bacteria survive, winter rainfall, the temperature rise at the same time has started active bacteria, at the same time people are lack of exercise, winter and spring season alternation is human body resistance is poor, special remind citizens to friends, at this time to pay special attention to prevent such as colds, flu, fever and other diseases.At present, the city is still in the forest fire in the orange alert, should put an end to all the field in the fire.