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Qunar: 182 theme parks restarted within half a month

Date: 2020-05-31

As of May 28, the total number of tickets sold for the three days before the opening of Chimelong Water Park exceeded 10,000, and multiple ticket sales channels, including self-operated, sold out.

On May 29th, Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park officially resumed business, plus the positive impact of "June 1 Children's Day", the theme parks represented by Chimelong and Disney ushered in a rapid recovery. According to data from, as of now, 600 theme parks across the country have resumed business. In the half-month after Disney's reopening, 182 theme parks have also "restarted" to welcome guests.

Search volume increased 5 times, water park tickets exceeded 10,000 in three days

On May 18, Chimelong Resorts announced that Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park will resume operations from May 29. On that day, Qunar launched the online pre-sale system. As of May 28, the total number of tickets for Chimelong Water Park sold three days before the opening exceeded 10,000, and many ticket sales channels, including self-employment, were sold out.

Not only that, many tourists who plan to go to Chimelong Paradise on the Dragon Boat Festival have already begun preparations. According to data from, the search volume for various parks in Chimelong this week increased by 5 times compared with last week. Among them, the search volume during the Dragon Boat Festival increased by 3 times.

It is understood that under the influence of "June 1 Children's Day",, together with Guangzhou Chimelong Wildlife World and Chimelong Water Park, held a "June 1 Kids Free" event. From June 1 to June 5, each Adults who purchase a full ticket can bring a child under 1.5 meters in height free of charge. In addition, before June 15th, Chimelong Water Park also introduced special fares, the full ticket as low as 68 yuan, each ticket-buying adult can bring a child with a height of less than 1.0 meters into the park! The opening hours are tentatively scheduled from 10: 00-18: 00 daily.

According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Health and Health Commission, Chimelong Water Park strictly controls the reception of tourists to no more than 30% of the approved maximum carrying capacity, and strict sanitation guarantees are applied to the park facilities and water supplies. It is understood that this time, Chimelong ’s various scenic spots have fully implemented online electronic tickets, through non-contact ordering tickets, online reservations can be made in advance before playing, efficient and safe to provide services for tourists. It is understood that after booking online tickets online and making a reservation online, visitors enter the park with the valid identification documents and electronic QR code tickets used at the time of booking.

According to Qin Honghua, the person in charge of the ticket business of, visitors must wear masks before entering the park. They can only enter the park after undergoing temperature measurement screening, valid identification document verification, and "health code" inspection. Recently, they went to Chimelong Tourists in the resort park should pay attention to preparing relevant identification in advance to avoid inconvenience.

7000 scenic spots resumed business and 182 theme parks "restarted" within half a month

After the May 1 holiday, the domestic scenic spot set off a wave of resumption of production and production. According to data from, there are currently more than 7000 scenic spots that have resumed business on the platform. Among them, natural scenery scenic spots have reopened the most scenic spots, reaching 2108. Cultural heritage monuments have 1071 reopened to welcome guests. The recovery of hot spring resorts and other scenic spots has exceeded 40%.

On May 11, after more than three months of closure, Shanghai Disneyland officially "restarted" and became the world's first Disneyland to reopen its doors since the outbreak. Stimulated by the "Disney Effect", domestic theme parks have accelerated their pace of restart. According to data from, as of now, the platform has reopened 600 theme parks. Half a month after Disney's reopening, 182 theme parks "restarted" to welcome guests.

Qin Honghua said that as the two major theme parks in China, the "restart" of Disney and Chimelong will bring the entire theme park into a rapid recovery period. In addition, with the advent of the Dragon Boat Festival and the summer, the "restart" of various scenic spots across the country will also accelerate.